Digital Art in Japan: teamLab Borderless

Mourelle Josiah-Wong, July 5, 2019

What is it?

teamLab Borderless is a state-of-the-art digital art museum based in the MORI building of the Odaiba district of Tokyo, Japan. The museum presents an engaging world of display that draws in a global audience to experience something they have likely never seen before.

No spoilers!

Whilst it’s my intention to inform and persuade you not to miss out on this visit, I also do not wish to spoil that initial first time feeling of being immersed by something you’ve never experienced before; that’s the fascinating aspect of this museum. Therefore forgive my lack of in-depth description...


At most conventional art museums, you are usually invited to peruse framed artworks or sculptures from behind protective rope barriers or glass. This is not the case at Borderless. Art is displayed to you as light; you will marvel at how digital images interact with the room around you – without barriers or borders.

Why should I visit?

There is an element of regression; a sense of adventure and wonderment we do not usually feel as adults. Borderless encourages you to let your guard down and become content to embrace the magic of the reality the museum places you in.

Magical Mystery Tour

Borderless welcomes people of all ages to get lost for a time in a crafted world that defies reality, that is both pleasing aesthetically and shrouded by darkness and mystery. You are encouraged to explore and compelled to move forward without being sure of what you are going to see next! At least, that’s the feeling I had when I visited...

Recognising the World

A quote from the teamLab Borderless website illustrates the point of the exhibition perfectly:

“People understand and recognize the world through their bodies, moving freely and forming connections and relationships with others. As a consequence, the body has its own sense of time. In the mind, the boundaries between different thoughts are ambiguous, causing them to influence and sometimes intermingle with each other.

Losing Yourself

…People lose themselves in the artwork world. The borderless works transform according to the presence of people, and as we immerse and meld ourselves into this unified world, we explore a continuity among people, as well as a new relationship that transcends the boundaries between people and the world.”

Go visit!

Perhaps you as the visitor will have a different experience to my own...But it’s the mystery of finding something new that makes visiting this Art museum such a fascinating day out. Tickets are still readily accessible online through Borderless' official website or TripAdvisor (and if you’re in Tokyo already, there are many opportunities to buy tickets conveniently sold at any Lawson’s or Seven-Eleven).

Bonus tip...

If like me, you were entirely taken in by the charm that teamLab Borderless offers, they’ve also set up an installation that’s only viewable by night in Hiroshima. Perfectly incorporated alongside traditional Japanese architecture, Hiroshima Castle and its gardens gets the teamLab treatment and is illuminated by a spectrum of colour that you’re invited to wander the grounds and explore.

Experience it

Hopefully, my blog has made you feel at least somewhat intrigued by what’s happening with Borderless in Japan right now! Whether or not you are into art the scene, it’s well worth going along to get yourself involved in something new and unforeseen...Go on, experience it for yourself!

Written by Mourelle Josiah-Wong - Team Assistant at Alchemy Recruitment Ltd.

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