Exhibition gives art students chance to shine

London’s trendy Hackney paid host to a unique art exhibition this week, designed to give seven inspiring art student’s the opportunity to showcase their work for the very first time.

‘Collection’ took the form of a one night only exhibition, curated by and showcasing the work of young artists, currently studying BA Fine Art at London’s influential Kingston University.
Showcasing work from all the artists, who choose to work in different disciplines, ‘Collection’ depicted art works from a wide range of modern medias, with unique and eclectic visions displayed. All of the work exhibited was from the current collections of the individual artists, which gave the collection a fresh and individual approach. With no prescribed theme for the exhibition, artists were able to have a freedom in their work – yet ‘oddly’ the collection of art flowed seamlessly. 

One of the young artists, India Paparestis-Stacey said: “It was a great opportunity to be able to not only show our work, but also negotiate with the venue and manage the whole process of delivering the exhibition to the public.

“Despite being given a totally open brief, our work – which ranged from the more traditional acrylic on canvas paintings, through to work with fabric and wood materials, and live interactive video projection, sat together wonderfully. ‘Collection’ worked, because it portrayed a journey through our work and thoughts.”

India’s work, ‘Untitled’ involved a projected moving image of one of her paintings, edited to form a type of hypnotic, mesmeric image. The work was displayed so that viewers could walk through the work, making it fully interactive and immersive (see picture).

‘Collection’ took place at London’s trendy Apiary Studios in Hackney, a community based platform that supports experimental and pioneering artistic projects.

It was all seven students’ first external degree exhibition and was organised completely by the group, including every detail from advertising and creating social media support, through to the more practical aspects of displaying the work and organising travel to the venue. And with some of the work on large six foot canvas’s, that was no mean feat! 

India added: “It seemed quite daunting at first, but we had an amazing response to our work and the space in the venue worked incredibly well. It’s not easy getting your work showcased when you’re a new artist, so it was fantastic to have so much support from family and friends.”

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